Women Empowerment

The ETI are including a Gender Lens to highlight women’s situation across the world, some countries especially where culturally woman are overlooked for opportunities there is a huge gap in advancement of women in the workplace The factory employ 50% women and provide training and development in cut and sew through their dedicated training center for women The factory work with a local NGO and have a programme where they employ and assist in the rehabilitation of sex trafficked women. To further support this they have an education programme where they provide support and learning to underprivileged children to improve their education.

We strive to produce quality and consistency with our products
We work hard to give our younger community a chance to better their future with free schooling,. hot meals and a chance to improve their skills.

Our Bags Help Save Lives

We have been working closely with a NGO within India to help give ex sex traffic workers a job, training, hot meals and free schooling for there children. Every bag that we sell we donate 1p to a NGO to give something back to the community and help save lives.

Since 2018 we have raised over £27,000 and are very proud to help the community surrounding our factory have a better quality of life for them and their children.